Romantic Periodicals in the Twenty-First Century

“Book history, aesthetics, politics, gender and empire – all play a role in this compelling call to reorient romantic studies.” Jeffrey N. Cox, University of Colorado Boulder Read more

The Secret Life of Books

The Secret Life of Books

“A real treasure trove for book lovers.” Alexander McCall Smith Read more

Interacting with Print Multigraph

“A textual and visual treat of collaborative scholarship, often exciting in the way it pushes the boundaries of media history.” Jon Klancher Read more

What the Victorians Made of Romanticism

“A major contribution to our understanding of Romanticism, not only what it was but also what it became.” Clifford Siskin Read more

The Broadview Introduction to Book History

“No other text summarizes the multiple disciplinary contributions to this field across such a wide scope.” Johanna Drucker Read more

The Broadview Reader in Book History

“A varied collection that demonstrates the conceptual reach as well as the disciplinary range of book history.” Leah Price Read more

Romanticism and Celebrity Culture, 1750-1850

“The essays in this book make a convincing case for the sorrows of celebrity, as well as its alleged charms, in the pre-photographic, pre-cinematic age.” TLS Read more

Byron’s Romantic Celebrity: Industrial Culture and the Hermeneutic of Intimacy

“One of the most stimulating books written on Romantic poetry this year.” YWES Read more

Blackwood’s Magazine 1817-1825: Selections from Maga’s Infancy

“Mole’s whole volume is exemplary, and his annotation of the Cockney School pieces is particularly full and useful […] scholars of the future will build on their pioneering work.” Richard Cronin Read more


A New Source for Larkin’s “Poetry of Departures”

Notes and Queries, 2017 Read more

“We Solemnly Proscribe this Poem”: Performative Utterances in the Romantic Periodicals

European Romantic Review 24.3 (2013), 353-62. Read more

Lord Byron

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Romantic Memorials in the Victorian City: The Inauguration of the Blue Plaque Scheme, 1868

Britain, Representation and Nineteenth-Century Culture (BRANCH) (pub. 2012) Read more

Spurgeon, Byron, and the Contingencies of Mediation

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Lord Byron and the End of Fame

International Journal of Cultural Studies, 11 (2008), 343-361 Read more

Impresarios of Byron’s Afterlife

Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 29.1 (2007), 17-34. Read more

“Nourished by that Abstinence”: Consumption and Control in The Corsair

Romanticism 12.1 (2006), 26-34. Read more

Hypertrophic Celebrity

M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture, 7.4 (2004). Read more

Byron’s “An Ode to the Framers of the Frame Bill”: The Embarrassment of Industrial Culture

The Keats-Shelley Journal 52 (2003), 97-115. Read more

The Handling of Hebrew Melodies

Romanticism 8.1 (2002), 18-33. Read more

Byron, Westall, Asperne, Blood: An Early Engraved Portrait

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Book chapters

The Academic Book as a Socially-Embedded Media Artefact

In The Academic Book of the Future, ed. by Rebecca E. Lyons and Samantha J. Rayner, 2015 Read more

Romantic Long Poems in Victorian Anthologies

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Blackwood’s “Personalities”

In Romanticism and Blackwood’s Magazine: An Unprecedented Phenomenon Ed. by Robert Morrison and Daniel S. Roberts Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2013 Read more

Lord Byron

In Oxford Bibliographies Online, 2012 Read more

“A Sufficient Tincture of Literature”: Byron e il paradigma dei periodici

In Byron e il Segno Plurale: Tracce del se, Percorsi di Scrittura, Ed. by Diego Saglia, 2011 Read more

Celebrity History and Contemporary Art

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Mary Robinson’s Conflicted Celebrity

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Ways of Seeing Byron

In Byron: The Image of the Poet, Ed. by Christine Kenyon Jones, 2008 Read more

The Handling of Hebrew Melodies

In Byron: Heritage and Legacy, Ed. by Cheryl A. Wilson, 2008 Read more

The Bride of Abydos: The Regime of Visibility and the Possibility of Resistance

In Liberty and Poetic Licence: New Essays on Byron, Ed. by Bernard Beatty, Tony Howe and Charles E. Robinson, 2008 Read more

Narrative Desire and the Body in The Giaour

In Byron: A Poet for All Seasons, Ed. by M. B. Raizis, 2000 Read more