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Women Writers and the Artifacts of Celebrity in the Long Nineteenth Century

July 31, 2012

ed. by Ann Hawkins and Maura Ives Review 19, 31 July 2012. Read more

Advertising and Satirical Culture in the Romantic Period

April 21, 2010

by John Strachan European Romantic Review, 21.4 (2010), 489-92. Read more

Byromania and the Birth of Celebrity Culture

January 1, 2009

by Ghislaine McDayter The Byron Journal, 37.2 (2009), 171-73. Read more

Plagiarism and Literary Property in the Romantic Period

January 1, 2008

by Tilar J. Mazzeo The Byron Journal, 36.1 (2008), 67-68 Read more

The Feminization of Fame

January 1, 2008

1750-1830, by Claire Brock Romanticism, 14.3 (2008), 289-91. Read more

Theatre and Celebrity in Britain, 1660-2000

January 1, 2007

ed. Mary Luckhurst and Jane Moody Theatre Notebook (2007) Read more

Scott, Byron and the Poetics of Cultural Encounter

November 18, 2006

by Susan Oliver British Association for Romantic Studies Bulletin and Review 26 (Winter 2006) Read more

Romantic Genius and the Literary Magazine: Biography, Celebrity, Politics

November 1, 2005

by David Higgins Romantic Textualities 15 (Winter 2005) View as HTML – Download PDF Read more